100 Contracts/Trade I.E. $1.2MM Would Have Generated $55.4MM! 

The 10-Year Backtest Below is Based on 100 E-mini S&P 500 Futures Contracts Per Trade – Can Scale to over 10,000



  • Over 550% ROI.
  • Over 77% win rate.
  • Average win is 3.29X the average loss.
  • Algorithmic trading – human monitored.
  • 100% performance based, billed on any net profits at the end of each month, and $0 management fees.
  • Favorable tax rate, falls under 60/40 rule.
  • Separately managed account
  • The principal, Raffi Sosikian, has skin in the game. If you lose in your separately managed account that means Raffi lost too, as he is simply using his proprietary algorithmic trading system for you alongside his own trading account.
  • Raffi Sosikian has been trading for over 15 years and has an MBA.
  • Proof of all results noted above available upon request.

How This Works

Raffi Sosikian has developed his own proprietary E-mini S&P 500 futures trading algorithm that he uses for himself to trade. After several of his friends asked him to trade their money for them using the same algo he uses, he decided to offer this as a 100% performance based trading service to qualified purchasers and private funds. That means he uses the very same algo that he trades the Spoo (E-mini S&P 500 futures) with for his clients too, and charges only a percentage of any net profits (after commissions to the broker, which to use his service must be Interactive Brokers – ticker $IBKR).

Rules of Engagement:

  1. You must be a qualified purchaser or a private investment fund.
  2. You must set-up or already have an Interactive Brokers (IB) trading account.
  3. You provide the Account ID/pass credentials of your IB trading account to Raffi – note, Account ID is different than your username.
  4. Raffi trades for you and makes the exact same trades for you as he does for his own trading account.
  5. At the end of the month you get a P&L spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will show any profits, minus the commissions paid to Interactive Brokers (ticker $IBKR), and bills you a percentage of any net profits, which you will need to wire to Raffi.
  6. Raffi cannot transfer money to or from your Interactive Brokers account, only you can do that. Interactive Brokers has a two-step authorization process where they provide you a temporary pin that you enter into your phone, which then grants you permission to log in to your Interactive Brokers account when you wish to put money in, or take money out of your account. Raffi can *ONLY* trade money for you with the Interactive Brokers credentials you provide him.
  7. To engage, you sign a basic agreement that captures the above terms, and Raffi gets to trading for you.
  8. Raffi is a private fund adviser and can only take on a limited number of clients. Raffi is not a registered investment adviser, as such does not accept funds from the general public.

Questions? Contact Raffi or call him at (818) 839-0570

Notice: Trading futures involves substantial risk & not suitable for all investors. Past performance is not indicative of future results.