$ES_F Beast Mode Engage & Why We’re Up

Here. We. Go! Crazy run today, this is what is going to give many (it certainly is for me) the confidence to increase their wagers in $ES_F. I’ve been trading a single lot, down from 15, as we were stuck in a sideways/consolidation channel. They don’t always blast off like they did today folks, sometimes it falls, and it usually falls with much greater velocity than it shoots up!

Why are we going higher? I’m not going to mention all the data that is out there. We all know about ISM numbers, we all know about the CFTC net numbers, we all know about the employment numbers, we all know no matter what happens the Central Banks will do everything they possibly can to avoid any systemic issues in global economies. However, this move, like many moves up before it, is psychological!

Think about it, how many people wake up in the morning and want to amass less for themselves? We live in a world of collecting assets. Everyone wants to own things. If you have money laying around, not earning money, you are in fact losing money due to inflation. So holding cash for any extended period of time is not the greatest idea. You have to do something with the money.

Lo and behold, just as the 4th quarter was about to begin, our old pal none other than Warren Buffet says he will wager the index vs any hedge fund. Well well well. How many investors world wide heard that and went long? Hmmm. Yeah, don’t bet against Warren. God has obviously blessed that man, and he still lives in a $650K house, not a multi-gazillion dollar mansion people worth a tiny fraction of what his worth live in. Meaning he has learned the one overarching lesson life ultimately teaches us all, staying humble. The man has favor with God, so don’t cross him! Going short because you think things are too high is a very risk bet in this Spoo trader’s humble view.

Here’s what my algo did today:

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