Short Thesis Promotion

  1. Contact us so we can ensure there’s no conflict of interest.
  2. Share your short thesis with us. If we cannot be convinced of your short thesis, well, that’s where we part ways. We *need* to believe in your short thesis for us to do our job well.
  3. We come to an agreement on compensation. We bill per quarter (or 90 days) – our billing starts at $50K. If you are going up against a Chinese company, then our work is easier, and our cost will reflect that. If you are going up against for example $TSLA, assuming you convince us of your short thesis, it would cost considerably more. (Elon has a cult like following, but we have gone up against his former $SCTY before).
  4. We establish a short position.
  5. We deliver a strong and easy to understand message of your short thesis on a variety of online channels like Seeking Alpha, Twitter, Facebook, investing forums, YouTube (we make a custom video or we can plug in yours if you have one made), build and SEO a custom website (or just SEO your website if you already have one), and once our body of work is complete, reach out to large investors of that company to share with them our findings.  Of course, we keep pounding away our message online until our compensation ends. At the end of the day, we need to feel good about our work, and when we see a bull trend reversal, the numbers finally going our way; that feels really good.