Let’s take moment and agree that we are in an impressive bull market. There’s one thing that is true of all humans; we like to own things. The mindset of most people is to collect things, to own assets.

If it were a perfect world, everyone would do lots of due diligence on their stocks, read all the financial statements, read the analysts reports, but in the real retail investing world that rarely happens.

Here’s how retail investors think nowadays – they check the number of followers the company has on Twitter and StockTwits. They read tweets, try to gauge the social media trend, and ask other traders if they should go long. They look at the chart and draw a trend line, which in any bull market is usually up. They join investment chat rooms, subscribe to stock guru newsletters and on and on. Most investors are not exactly the type that read the Commitment of Traders Report by the CFTC (for you commodity traders) In essence, it’s group thinking, and a large majority of that group is long! So if you have a short position, you are going against the grain!

What about professional money manager, they certainly read everything they can get their hands on right? Of course, not. You know they don’t. They look at sectors, meet a few key management people, glance at a chart and go long. Why? Because it’s a bull market, so they go long! Have they delved into the numbers? Have they interviewed key clients? Have they done an extensive SWOT analysis on the companies business model? Have they read the conference call transcripts? Nope! As a short seller, you have to do all of that. The devil is in the detail. It is your job to uncover things most have missed. It is our job at Fib Line to ensure investors see, and more critically, understand what you found.

Some retails investors actually think going short is morally wrong. What they sadly fail to realize is if it weren’t for short sellers keeping companies honest, some of these companies would rob investors blind!

I’m not even going to get into the discussion of analysts on the Street having lofty price targets and telling retail to go long all the while they are slowly dumping their long positions on them. However, that is where you the short seller comes in. You have to find weaknesses in their rosy story. You have to develop a strong short thesis. You do your thing and go short, but you need someone very competent, someone who has been around the block, knows the lingo, knows how to reach out to investors and change the sentiment in your favor.

That is why you need Fib Line. They’ve crossed that innocent “fib” line. We will share that knowledge, your insight, your short thesis with the right people, the right groups, the right money managers, and we will do so in a clear easy to understand way. It is critical that you not try to get the message out on your own. A very wealthy, highly intelligent, and seasoned investor tried that once with $HLF; the results weren’t very good.

When I need electrical lines installed around my house, I could try to do that myself, or I can hire a professional electrician. Saving a few shekles isn’t worth the damage that can be done on the other end of my attempt.

The founder of Fib Line, which is who you will be working with directly, has been doing online digital marketing since November of 1994. He has worked with thousands of companies. He is an avid trader, and investor. He knows what you are going through, and he has been there, done that. You get what you pay for in life – do yourself a favor, do your portfolio a favor, do your clients a favor – call him!